SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: South Bronx School Gives Governor Cuomo Some Ultimatums

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

South Bronx School Gives Governor Cuomo Some Ultimatums

Thank you paid Koch brother's spokesman and current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for doing the bidding of the evil twins, amongst others, and giving the UFT a 30 day ultimatum that demands we kow tow to Uncle Mike and sign the agreement for the new evaluation system. That's real nice Andy. As a 6 year old does when he doesn't get his way, Governor Andy is taking his balls and not let anyone play with them until he gets what he wants. Worse, is threatening to withhold money shows that he is now akin to some Bond super-villain.

But we have come up with out own list of ultimatums here that we feel are more urgent than some unworkable evaluation system that is not going to be used to help teachers, but rather weed teachers out and ultimately make teaching into a transient profession much like the fry chef at McDonald's.

We here at SBSB give Governor Andy a 30 day ultimatum to address the lack of support we face every day in the schools. If not, we here at SBSB will ceremoniously give Governor Andy a virtual wedgie.

Governor Andy has a 30 day ultimatum to demand of Uncle Mike and Sock Puppet Walcott an end to the ATR system and place these teachers in positions full time in schools. If not carried out, the governor's mansion will be TP'd post haste.

Governor Andy has a 30 day ultimatum to explain to Sock Puppet Walcott that it is improper for a principal to discuss with his female staff members feats that the above mentioned principal's penis is capable of. If not carried out in 30 days, we will write a blog post about tricks Sandra Lee's hoo-ha is capable of.

Governor Andy has a 30 day ultimatum to disclose all donors, such as the Koch Brothers, Brighter Choice, etc... If not adhered to we will disclose what we know of Madeline, the pool table and the Governor's Mansion in the mid-80's.

Governor Andy has a 30 day ultimatum to find his center, consult with Dad, and stop being a dick and to allow learning to happen in the schools of New York State. If this does not happen within the time frame demanded we guarantee that we will lose a generation of children.

Governor Andy has a 30 day ultimatum to stop this Freudian shortcoming show with Uncle Mike to see who has the bigger, well you know. If not ceased within the allotted 30 days we will expose both of them.

Governor Andy has 30 days to listen to the principals in the trenches that signed the petition against this absurd evaluation crud. If this demand is not met, Governor Andy will have the blood of a teacher that will eventually commit suicide on his conscience.

And lastly, Governor Andy has 30 days to grow some balls, use his critical thinking skills and to be a leader, not some street whore. If this does not happen, Governor Andy will always be though of a someone's little bitch.

I voted third party in 2010 in the New York Gubernatorial election. It was not a wasted vote.


Anonymous said...

SBS - I have always loved your posts! It is the second to last one you mentioned that hit me the most. This came up today in a conversation I had with a fellow teacher. It is not "if" something as tragic as one committing suicide or harming another will occur, it is "when" it will occur and perhaps even how often. It pains me to say that. Imagine the dedicated teacher in a tough classroom trying desperately to motivate and instill an education in a class where some have absolutely no motivation to learn? How a fragile teacher who is now dependent on these same students to "pay the bills" may react scares me. Are these politicians so blind to what actually goes on in so many of the tougher inner city schools?

Rod said...

Let's sue the bastards. The media kisses his ass and the children are are worse than ever. They know nothing. Thanks for all you do. I hate this atr crap.

WATCHDOG said...

In response to the previous comment by "Rod", I can understand your frustration but not the manner in which you express yourself. Not the way that I would expect any teacher to comment on a public forum that students read. Think about it and I am sure that you would agree. If we, as teachers, expect and demand respect, we need to act in a professional manner at all times. On the issue, it is important for the Mayor to realize that the answer is to come back to the table and continue the discussions that will ultimately lead to an agreement that we can all accept that protects the due process of all of us and provides the necessary resources and professional development support to teachers throughout our school system.