SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: SBSB Calls for UFT Solidarity Candidate Victor Jordan to Step Down Immediately!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

SBSB Calls for UFT Solidarity Candidate Victor Jordan to Step Down Immediately!!!

As Norm Scott reported, the MORE meeting this past Saturday was awesome. This is a caucus that is a true bottom up democratic caucus without egos and without agendas. All voices are heard.

Maybe that is why UFT Solidarity candidate for Treasurer, Victor Jordan, decided to show up for the meeting.

I was a little late for the start of the meeting. I left White Plains a little after 11 AM and hit some traffic on the way. I missed the beginning of Jia Lee's presentation on evaluations but was riveted by what I caught (Just an aside, this is what the teachers need, a leader that is able to not only articulate the wants and needs of teachers in many methods and styles. One size does not fit all) .

But anyway, as I was signing in I looked to my right and noticed someone else signing in as well. When I turned to look at him and noticed it was Victor Jordan. Yes, the above mentioned Victor Jordan of UFT Solidarity. He looked at me and suddenly, like King Arthur's men in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," ran away thinking I must have been some killer bunny.

Now for full disclosure. I had the pleasure of meeting Victor Jordan last month at Giovanni's on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx. UFT Solidarity was having a Lonely Hearts meeting there and like wanting to drive slowly past a car wreck on the Deegan I just had to see it to believe it.

I had attempted to commiserate with Victor, ask him about his qualifications. Whether or not he is a member of the UFT and whether or not he is actually an attorney. He would not share, but shared, or rather inferred, that his resume is a fabrication.

Oh, and I counted the lack of people that showed and this got Francesco Portelos' knickers in a bunch and then got me kicked out. And when I was talking to one of his groupies outside he started to take photos and I shared with him that he is #1.

But I have digressed too much. 

Man did he bolt. But fortune was with me Saturday.

Seeing how there was no food to be had yet, I decided to get a dog with mustard and kraut on the corner. I had the fortuitous luck of riding down the elevator with him. Again, I asked Victor if he is a member of the UFT. He again refused to answer. Curious.

He said he had made a mistake, that he thought he was coming for a workshop of some kind. Now, it was advertised what Jia would be presenting, but why would this dashing, cosmopolitan, yet to be a member of the bar, not a member of the UFT, hack be interested in evaluations? And why would he travel from the outer boroughs to mid-town and suddenly claim that he had "an important meeting to attend to."

Yeah, he was sent to my his Leader. We all know that. But that is still not what is most irksome.

What is irksome it that Victor Jordan has no business being a candidate for UFT office. He is not a dues paying member of the UFT and has no business giving false hope to teachers across the city.

He claims he is receiving a pension, yet as one can see by Victor's resume he started teaching in 1985. That would make Victor  Tier IV. Tier IV does not collect a pension, (that is if Victor is vested. He taught until 1995 and stopped showing up and was soon terminated) until the age of 62. All our sources have shared that Victor is a few years short of collecting a pension. Oh, and there is no way he could have put in for the 55/25.

We here at SBSB are officially calling for Victor Jordan to step aside of a candidate for Treasurer of UFT Solidarity posthaste as well as a thorough investigation by the UFT Solidarity whatever to see how Victor Jordan was vetted and how he slipped through any verification and by what method and by whom that Victor Jordan was chosen.

This is more than Victor Jordan wanting to "play" UFT officer. He is giving false hope to thousands of teachers in New York City.

And just as bad, this shows how unready that UFT Solidarity is for the big time for not properly vetting it's candidates.


Anonymous said...

Am I reading this right? Your obsession with the success of a group has lead you, a person with no group of your own, to dictate who is going to run. This Victor Jordan has no obligation to speak to you and give you documentation, blood sample, last 4 of social security number or anything else. His record speaks for itself.

You are probably Peter Lamphere's, and many members of MORE's, worst nightmare.

Pete Zucker said...

What obsession? Victor Jordan doesn't show up, this post is never written.

I'm for full disclosure and honesty when it comes to what our brethren ought to know. If someone is not qualified to be a UFT officer people should know. It's called telling the truth.

If you have issues, you are more than welcomed to share. You are also more than welcomed to email me so we can discuss further.

Chaz said...


You are probably correct about Victor Jordon. However, "Unity" has many Victors in their caucus leadership, be in Leroy Barr, Adam Ross, etc, who never taught in the NYC schools.

To be fair, at least Victor Jordan actually taught for ten years in the City schools.

Anonymous said...

To be really fair, which Chaz rarely is, let Solidarity off the hook with a bullying self-serving, leader that can match Mulgrew in arrogance, and Victor Jordan who is compared to Leroy Barr. Just what we need, another caucus just like Unity. Chaz praises Solidarity led by the bully-in-chief for joining the bully law. Wasn't the bully leader of Solidarity tossed off the bully film?

I Wonder.... said...

Victor Jordan is a member of the UFT Retiree Chapter. Thus he has a right to run for union office. If he were to run for New Action, would we be getting into a tail-spin?

Pete Zucker said...

Victor Jordan is not paying dues therefore is not a member of any chapter. I stand by this.

Anonymous said...

OK, so Chaz defends him, citing Mendel and Barr.
But the good barrister Jordan cannot even proofread his own resume before he posts it online. That is, one line adds a extra "U" in "Education."

Anonymous said...

Aren't we all looking for a union with leadership that knows what our working conditions are? So why are people speaking up for non-active teacher leaders like Mendel, Barr or Jordan?