SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Story Behind My Appearance on The Howard Stern Network

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Story Behind My Appearance on The Howard Stern Network

 Happy 2016!

So now the cat can be let out of the bag, at least the way I feel since the show is no longer being done and so much to share. My fifteen minutes of fame in the world of Hoard Stern.

Almost two years ago I was an invited guest on "Leiberman Live" hosted by current or former Hoard Stern news team member Jon Leiberman. For those that don't know "Leiberman Live" was a 15 minute topical news show on SiriusXM channel Howard 101 in which a news maker or someone with something to say debates to members of the "Wack Pack." I was to go up against some of the greatest minds ever.

Me and Jon Leiberman

I was hoping against hope that one of the Wack Packers I would be debating would be Eric the Actor. But it was not to be. Since I would appear on a Monday, it meant that High Pitched Erik would be sharing his opinion on that show's topic, Charter Schools.

I reached out to my debate mate Erik on Twitter and we built up a rapport. I found out that he lives i the Bedford Park area of the Bronx and suggested we meet before the show. He said OK, and was even more excited when I suggested we meet for dinner.

Thinking that if we met at a diner Erik would order everything off the menu I decided that it would be best if we went to a place where only one item was offered, Frank Pepe's Pizza in Yonkers. Aside from pizza, only salad was on the menu and I need not worry about Erik ordering that.

I had originally planned on bring my son along with my wife (He was 12 at the time) but changed my mind at the last minute and it was just to be myself, my wife, and Erik. We were to pick him up at his home at 6 PM and hopefully he would fit in the car and limit himself to two medium pies.

As we were just about to leave Erik tweeted me he was stuck on the D train at the Herald Square subway station and would be 30 minutes late. OK. So we waited. And then waited some more as Erik tweeted several times asking for another 30 minutes.

Erik finally tweeted that he was on his way and had one more small request. He asked me to bring $50 so he can pay his cell phone bill. It was at this point I figured meeting and dining with Erik was not worth it and I politely suggested that we do this another time. But he said he was depressed and wanted to do it the following night which I couldn't.

Sadly, Erik must have been hurt for he never appeared in the studio with me that day. Instead I was to debate Wack Packers Sour Shoes and Speech Impediment Man that day regarding Charter Schools.

So for the first time ever, I now present those slightly edited down 15 minutes, down to 11 minutes, of fame for all to hear.

Ba-Ba-Booey. Ta-Ta Toothy. Ma-Ma-Monkey. Fa-Fa-Flunky.

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