SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: UFT Solidarity: Francesco Portelos New Source For Don Rickles

Monday, January 11, 2016

UFT Solidarity: Francesco Portelos New Source For Don Rickles

At the end of the day I like to unwind with humor on my way home. I feel it is relaxing and a nice
way to decompress.

No Howard Stern though. At the hour I am driving home it is usually what I heard on the drive in that morning so it is nothing new. Besides, the humor I want to hear is those that make themselves the joke. OK, OK, you got me. Yes, yes, I know. Sal and Richard usually make themselves the joke but I want something a little different in the afternoon.
I like to listen for a few minutes to Sean Hannity or Michael Savage just to hear their ignorance, self-importance, and irrelevance. It's even better listening when they praise Demagogue Donald Trump (I really crack up!). Mind you this is not taking away anything from Rush Limbaugh, Mark Simone, and Mark Levin who are all good for a hardy laugh as well. If you think about it, all the forenamed are clowns without the makeup. And much more dangerous. 

But today was different. Today I did not need the radio blowhards to have me doubled over in laughter. No, today's guffaw was courtesy of UFT Solidarity's own Francesco Portelos by an email sent to yours truly.

As many readers of this blog recall, another layer of truth from the Portelos onion was exposed as we followed his haphazard travails at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn last month.

As is our policy here at SBSB we allow anyone to post here with any comment as long as it does contain personal information about anyone nor advocates violence against anyone else. We even allow dissidents of the "Sparkles for President" movement post here. We don't stand on ceremony here nor do we become little whiny poo poo heads when negative commentary about myself, the blog, or people we support are chastised. Nor do we feel the need to block like little whiny poo poo heads when the same happens.

So yesterday, Francesco Portelos, Leader of UFT Solidarity posted and informed me, not directly, but it seems that the lawsuit he promised against me will not materialize. Instead he suggested mediation, (or was it meditation?) with the UFT facilitating.

One rule I live by is "It's not honorable to engage in battle with weaker opponents."

You're post, as well as all your many others, are filled with false statements and ideas you and MORE members have conjured up about me. Regardless, we have more than doubled in size since you began your defamatory crusade this past July.

How about this? Let's engage in meaningful mediation. I'll email and you do the same. Then they'll contact both of us for a professional sit down.

In Solidarity,

Just a dad from Staten Island  

Weaker? I don't recall threatening lawsuits, besmirching  others families, haranguing on Facbook those that disagree with MORE or it's affiliates. I have always been of the belief that those who feel confidant in themselves do not need to bully or intimidate others who disagree with them or to do the same to be assured that their followes "toe the line."

But we are proud that UFT Solidarity has doubled in size. But one wonders. How many of these 40 some odd "members" are actually UFT members? Seriously, how many are UFT members that can be involved in voting in UFT elections and how many are sitting on the "Executive Council" of UFT Solidarity and are in decision making roles for UFT members? (is the guy who wore the Captain Picard uniform to the DTOE meeting considered a UFT Solidarity member or is he still with Star Fleet?)

We also take umbrage that it has been inferred that MORE has been behind or directing any posts on this blog concerning the posting of the superabundance of comedic material coming from the UFT Solidarity. Don Rickles wishes he had such sources!

I have digressed, no?

So today's comedy gold which came in an email from Portelos was welcomed.

Ready Peter? You down for this?

In Solidarity,
Francesco A. Portelos

UFT Presidential Candidate 2016
UFT Solidarity Caucus
​Don't Tread on Educators
ATR Alliance
"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth." -
 Greek Philosopher Diogenes
---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Jan 11, 2016 12:25 PM
Subject: RE: Meditation
To: "Francesco Portelos" <>

Dear Francesco,

Thank you for your inquiry about the UFT Workplace Dispute Mediation Program.

Since mediation is voluntary and takes place between two parties, we need to hear from the second party in order to continue with the intake process.

Please inform the other party that an outreach to is necessary. 

Some people find it easier for the chapter leader or a colleague to pass this information along, rather than do it themselves.

It would be helpful to include the following information:
                Cell phone
                Nature of dispute

We look forward to helping you resolve your workplace dispute.

Workplace dispute? This is not a workplace dispute. It's someone's hissy fit. This is about a someone who can't deal with the truth and is attempting, as only a true narcissistic can, to co-opt me, to schmooze me, and to try to neutralize the truth.

Hey, I was all for wanting to put aside issues and work it out. But that was six months ago! I made the offer of talking things out in the diner where Portelos felt the need to throw my 3020-a in my face. I tried several times throughout the summer, through a mutual friend, but it was to no avail.

What is in it for me to go through mediation. Nothing. It's done, get over it. I feel like an ex girlfriend that just can't get rid of her ex. Move one, find someone else!

Besides, anyone who has any conversation that is more than 5 words with Portelos must have it with him if he is butt naked and accedes to a cavity search. And this just doesn't go for me or anyone else that Portelos deems unworthy. I'll bet everything that Portelos records and files away any and all conversations with UFT Solidarity members.

Exactly what is Portelos attempting to elicit? The only one I can think of is laughter, for I have laughed harder than I have in quite a long time since this afternoon.

This would be a good time to suggest that Portelos to look in the mirror, to self examine. But he can't. There is no introspection possible with him. The means justify the ends. There is a swath of destruction in his wake and it doesn't matter to Portelos as long as he gets the adulation, the attention, and the sycophants.

Say what you will about MORE. There are things I disagree with. MORE  has had growing pains and it was not pretty. But MORE has grown and has turned into a caucus with ethics, morals, and a true democratic spirit. No one person is bigger than MORE and MORE can and will survive if those who are running for MORE in the UFT elections are no longer involved. Can the same be said about UFT Solidarity? No.

UFT Solidarity is nothing but one person's vendetta against the UFT and how poorly he was treated by the NYCDOE. Guess what? There are worse instances of teachers being abused by the NYCDOE. It's time the tiny violin has been put away.

Watch what happens in May when the election results are announced. Prediction: Many, many UFT Solidarity members will see that Landru, oops, I meant Portelos was nothing but a false prophet that conned them.

They will finally be free.


Anonymous said...

I think he wants to bring the union in on this to some how get in their good graces. How I can't imagine from a meeting with you at the UFT. I guess he is hoping to run into Randy or Mike. It is really pathetic. Tell him to file the lawsuit!

Anonymous said...

Please tell President Porty it's "your," not "you're" post.

Anonymous said...

He really must be desperate to get more votes if he wants to get back in your good graces! Don't fall for it. Once a back stabber always a back stabber.

Anonymous said...

As a UFTer looking at this from the "outside" and reading/following your posts, I HEAR YOU and understand your "angst" against Portelos BUT YOU have to keep this rhetoric between the both of you and off the internet for ALL EYES TO READ!!!

WE get the fact of the "name calling" and the backlash of trying to extend an "olive tree"while getting rejected, now ultimately throwing it back in someone's face... You must understand that whatever the both of you have to argue "leave it at the door" until this election process is over. There is too much information already out there with MULGREW watching these "cat fights" by other UFTers talking to him about these BULL CRAP petty issues, meanwhile causing these types of infighting within the membership.


It's not like the enemy, MULGREW (UNITY) has enough "sheep" that keeps him in office by our dissension amongst ourselves. This is just a REMINDER that all of us who read you blog and follow your words of wisdom would appreciate that you redirect your energy to MULGREW and not worry about PORTELOS and leave that for AFTER the election process is over.

At this point, UNIFY (not Unity) for the common cause and mediate for the sake of the power that numbers can bring to this election, whereby, the defeat of a potential tragic leader, like Mulgrew, that has deteriorated this level of our careers and our livelihood.

You have a lot of followers - WE DON'T NEED DISSENSION amongst us in a public forum - we can agree to disagree and still fight for a common cause!!

Anonymous said...

At least southbronx stopped posting on our MORE listserv. He's our worst nightmare. Associating himself with us and we can't do anything about it. Too unstable to work with and if we say anything he'll write about us again.

Anonymous said...

This little spat being framed as influencing the UFT elections? Someone is drinking something pretty strong.

Pete Zucker said...

At anonymous 7:02, or shall I say Portelos.

This is classic projecting. Please, please seek professional help that you need. You'll see how much better things will be once you have a legal diagnosis.

Anonymous said...

All said is well and good...

NOW JUST UNIFY FOR THE SAKE OF THE UFT because like WE would agree - these arguments and demoralizing comments are getting old and played. Hence, WE NEED ALL OF YOU TO BE ON THE SAME PAGE and END the infighting because this fight is against UNITY, not amongst US!!

The time is running out and there is needed experience in ALL OF US that can accomplish miracles in numbers. By creating this clog of infighting just makes the credibility of anyone's character questionable and unreliable. Hopefully, we can just make a step forward, not a step backward and Mulgrew ends up into office by default, like past presidents have won elections because of lack of focus amongst running mates!!!

Be mindful, Pres O got into office because of default, Pres Bush (both) got into office by default bc of opponents lack of support and look what has turned out - AMERICA IN CONSTANT STATES OF TURMOIL, and with the current election of president elects - it might end up H. CLINTON and TRUMP and just picture TRUMP winning by default because H. Clinton can't get her "shit" together because of all the infighting amongst her constituents, like Jeb Bush, too.

So let's not let MULGREW get into office by default because WE CANNOT COME TOGETHER AND STAND OUR POSITIONS AS ONE!!!

Unknown said...

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