SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The False Prophecy of UFT Solidarity and Francesco Portelos

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The False Prophecy of UFT Solidarity and Francesco Portelos

It's beginning. It's happening right before our eyes. It is coming right out of the mud slinging
handbook. It's what happens when one doesn't have any true confidence within oneself and the only way to make oneself feel bigger is to create their own alternate reality.

One of the followers, lackies, toadies, sycophants, the blind, of UFT Solidarity leader Francesco Portelos, heard the dog whistle when one of Portelos' campaign porn photos was posted on social media and in her own way had to get the ball rolling to belittle Jia Lee.

I heard from some people that Jia Lee had an abusive principal but left her school instead of fighting like myself, @XXXXXX XXXXXXXand my chapter leader @XXXXXXX And Jia was chapter leader at her school. True?

True? I heard? This is like saying,  "I heard Derek Jeter does HGH because he was getting older and wanted a new contract but is it true?"

What set this denizen of Bryant HS off (the dark side is strong there) is this statement from Leader Portelos; 
The next UFT President needs to be badass.
Funny, more on this later on in another posting.

I think knowing if she fought her principal or fled from her school is important dont you think? High stakes testing is one issue but being harassed and bullied by our principals is widespread and forcing teachers to leave the profession in record numbers. Will she run into a burning building or run from it? I think that is a totally legitimate question.

Oh, old padawan, don't let yourself be fooled by one's alternate reality. Jia, will run into a burning building to help a teacher. Jia, will save the teachers. The difference is she will do it with class and style. 

I would like a definitive answer is all. Why is everyone appearing defensive? The answer is no, she battled her principal and defended her teachers or yes, she left. Simple question, simple answer.

Yes, a question from a simple person, but the answer must be from the you are besmirching. One wonders if this Byrant sycophant had so many questions for Jia, why not just contact Jia? 

Portelos chimes in;
....but I don't see why my sycophant (our words) is being interrogated here. It's a valid question. We have brought this very story up before. The school was PS 63 Star Academy and before being chapter leader at Earth School, she was chapter leader there under Mean Darlene Cameron.

Again, Portelos, why not ask Jia. Surely Portelos has had ample opportunity to ask Jia in the countless haranguing emails he has sent her, no? 

The sycophant continues; 

I agree, but I come from a school where horrific things go on in the way of abusing teachers. Speaking up for over use of testing and fighting nclb are all well and good, but what did she do to protect the teachers in her school from an abusive principal? You aren't addressing the question and I have to ask myself why? I need protection in my own school, standardized testing is important but not my very first priority. Did she bring her principal up to the dept of labor, go to bat in every way she could? Yes or no would be nice.

And then we here from the non-UFT members of Solidarity from the Peanut Gallery; 

I agree! How can a teacher push for opt outs if there principal is a tyrant who can discontinue or 3020a them for looking at them wrong? We need a pit bull for UFT President and like you, I know who to vote for.

So Jia can't chew gum and walk at the same time, is that it? She can't advocate for opt outs yet stand up for teachers?  

Oh yes, the Department of Labor trick. How many times as that worked? Didn't work for Dear Leader Portelos. 

The Bryant Sycophant continues; 

And for the record, I have appeared on channel 4 news and in newspaper articles. Francesco has gone to bat for me, called my principal, came to Bryant's rallies. Where has this Jia chick been? She doesn't even know I exist. One thing to say you will do something, another to actually do it.
"This Jia Chick?" That gives us an idea for some MORE fundraising, The "Chicks of MORE" calendar. It'll sell better than the current "Portelos of Solidarity" calendar which comes with 12 seductive poses of Portelos in boudoir settings (what a photoshop opportunity if there was one!). 

What the Bryant Sycophant fails to realize is that Jia testified before Congress. Think, Jia pick up a phone and connect to the powers that be in Washington or Albany. Can Portelos?

As for the Bryant Sycophant. So you been on TV, so you been in the papers? So what. I don't have enough fingers on my hand to count how many those at MORE and those that have been fighting this fight for longer than Portelos has been in education. 

Finally, out of steam, the Bryant Sycophant grasps for straws; 

Has she attended rallies, supported teachers who have been abused and harassed, made ill by their workplace atmosphere? I have been very public with what has happened to me. Why have I not heard from her?

Why haven't you reached out to Jia? Or would you have incurred the wrath of Portelos? 

Rallies? Five people picketing a school does not constitute a rally. It is a a get together. 

To the Bryant Sycophant; think about this. Portelos gets the gig he wanted at IS 49 four years ago, or however long it was, you wouldn't know him. He was living so comfortable inside the colon of Linda Hill he had a big screen TV and a mini-fridge in there. 

And guess what? He still does not care. He care for himself and himself only. You are being played. This is his vendetta against the UFT for not giving him a job. Randi offers him that job he asked for he is not doing anything for you now. 

There are many that are jumping the Solidarity ship after the elections when they see that Portelos is nothing but a paper leader. Stop listening to false prophets with false idea making you worship to his false God. 

Want Jia's attention it is very simple. Email her. Either ask her to assist you, ask her yourself your questions, or just get off the pot.


Teacher said...

Your writing is very hard to follow. Spend some time editing for clarity and don't assume your readers know about all these vague references you are alluding to.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked at the stats of PS 63 v Earth School?

Not good for a social justice caucus presidential candidate. Seems like Jia did leave a tyrant principal with an 87% free lunch mostly black and Hispanic population school. She went over, within the same district, to a school with a 38% free lunch population and 40% black and Hispanic population.

That's according to sites like inside schools and

Should this behavior not be answered by a presidential candidate privately or publicly?

Must be easy to go to greener pastures.

NYCDOEnuts said...

This line of attact is going to be effective. No doubt. But it's still a line of attack. And when you research specific data from two schools for comparative analysis on a blog comment, I think it's safe to say the attack is pretty obvious. It's civil. But it's still a bummer to see happening.

Pete Zucker said...

I think this attack is only effective for the Portllions. Those that are just so incapable of independent thought they will believe anything.

The thing that annoys me most is that the attacks on Jia are aren't embellishments of reality, they don't even come close to reality.

But again, Solidarity does not believe in reality.

Anonymous said...

Again, ENOUGH OF THE BERATING COMMENTS... it has come to a point where you're becoming that same "sycophant" and turning everything a "spat" for what reason...?? SERIOUSLY!!!

You have come FULL CIRCLE to where your rants and raves are notorious for "pushing and dividing" any UFTer who may be trying to decide on who and what makes more sense to vote for in this coming election. After following your blog for quite some time, it disappoints me you have spent so much wasted time on a "PERSONAL QUEST" that neither uplifts or informs anyone reading, especially teachers who "READ AND LISTEN" to your informative blog.

Of course, JIA may have the "class and the poise", and yet PORTELOS has the "mouth and the verve". Now if you COMBINE the two as ONE POWERFUL ENTITY, then imagine what could be accomplished??!! This is what YOU are clearly missing. Instead of "picking at the candidates" help in joining their forces so WE can accomplish a more POWERFUL UNION against the UNITY backstabbers.

This is just part of the divisive antics that causes UNIONS to be "conquered and divided"... so what are you doing to make a more "UNIFIED UNION"?? You can criticize candidates, just like the REPUBS and the DEMOS but you see how these opponents are running a "circus" and not a meaningful campaign. And, guess who will win - TRUMP - because of the stupidity and incompetence behind the scenes whereby folks egos supersede the political agenda for serving the union's membership and constituents!!!

Hence, your level of knowledge and commendable blog has a definite accountability that is being used to derail another UNION MEMBER and derail a person career while discrediting the efforts that many of US may not be brave enough to attempt.


If you feel this is a personal attack then handle this PERSONALLY - stop using your blog as a BLOW HARD MISSIONARY!!! You have more VOICE than that... I HOPE!!!

Anonymous said...

"Now if you COMBINE the two as ONE POWERFUL ENTITY, then imagine what could be accomplished?"
Now you explain how this is possible since one guy declares he has to be the presidential candidate and Jia should run on his slate? You are not dealing with a rational guy really interested in battling Unity but is focused on battling MORE. Let the new caucus go out and prove itself in an election. MORE was a new caucus 3 years ago and had to prove it could recruit candidates and get on the ballot and get enough votes to make it viable. If MORE fails this time then it deserves what it gets. Same with Solidarity.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:33 your post only comes to reality if Portelos could step down and be number 2. This will never happen. Why don't you ask him outright if he is willing to take the second role? I mean if it is all for the good of the teachers why does''t he do that? Why cause he wants to be the BOSS!

Anonymous said...

Oh well Portelos' team is quite now. Why cause their big bad leader won't step aside to be number 2. Can't you people wake up and small the chalk? He is only in it for himself. If he was really about bringing people together at least he would make some gesture at taking the back seat. But that ain't never gonna happen with Porty lust for power.

Anonymous said...

Coalescing with Francesco Portelos and his Solidarity organization might sound nice in theory but people need to know that his break all the rules approach rubs people the wrong way. If you ever get on his bad side he'll post your emails even if it means searching back for years, or he'll screen shot your text conversation from the phone, and post these things on the Internet.
Not the kind of guy you want with your private conversations or leading your union.

Anonymous said...

So true 2:59 when I merely suggested that James Eterno might be an excellent choice he (Portelos) harassed and bombarded my phone and text messages as well as Facebook message. He was relentless. I wouldn't want him as a leader. You need to have some balance. Frankly, I am not to keen on Jai either... I worked at PS 64 where The Earth School was run. Not a good place.... not your typical NYC students. Jai also doesn't have a grip on what is going on. It just sucks that there is no one to vote for......

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:59 - here is the funny part of your comment - IT MAKES SENSE ... if the DOE/UFT played by the rules and rubbed people the right way - so why would PORTELOS' approach RUB ANYONE THE WRONG WAY when the DOE/UFT does the very same this and puts your career in jeopardy 10 month out of the year...

So think before you judge because what UNITY has YOU saying is "playing nice in the sand box" but yet SCREWS US "left, up, down, right and backwards" because they know how to "screw" you with "kindness". If you look at the sensibility of "fighting" nice in this election year, then this will just make MULGREW look like a "KING OF THE HEAP" and is this what you want at this stage when on the real side, MULGREW will look right at you and spit in your face if you asked him for ANY help or allow the UNION to fight for your rights...!!! Playing nice with Mulgrew is just not the right approach if he has made UFTers look like foolish sheep in this last contract negotiations - that should prove how "playing nice" doesn't
work for this dysfunctional UNITY caucus.

If Portelos is not the man and Jia is the better alternative, then start working on getting them together and making them SEE EYE TO EYE that their REBELLIOUS CAUSES are for the right reasons but their approaches are potentially turning constituents off - HOW CAN WE AND UFTers get this mediation to work and stop putting blame on "character assassinations" - time is ticking and don't let FEUDS between the "Hatfields and the McKoys" reveal its ugly head again...

Anonymous said...

Really the sad part is that Portelos and Mildew are not in it for the regular Joe smoe.... I don't about Jia. I just hate the people who are in politics.

Pete Zucker said...

Portelos shows up at ICE meeting end of June. He's asked if he's willing to step aside and let chips fall where they may if joint committee hammers out who to run. He doesn't answer. He had chance he blew it.

Anonymous said...

Man, this is ugly. This election is going to destroy the informal network that glue the rank and file together. Look, nobody knows who Portelos is. The more you fight with him, the more everyone looks stupid. Never fight with a crazy person because passers by wont be able to tell you apart.

Anonymous said...

Any vote for Francisco Portelos is at best a wasted vote since he is unable to gather the momentum to win any election. There is however, a worse case scenario for casting any vote his way. Portelos has demonstrated an inability to provide a vision other than one rooted in anger and confrontation. He draws support and resonates with some of the most disgruntled and psychologically unbalanced individuals. As these people serve his ego of being their champion he has created dissonance with those you do not support him through internet attacks of defamation and disparagement laying a large swath of collateral damage. In fact, I would argue that the individuals damaged by his tactics represent a larger population than those he served. Furthermore, Portelos has alienated parents, administrators, and moderate educators with his tweets,blogs and verbalizations. He is the perfect fodder for the growing antiunion sentiment than exist today. He will create a self destructive energy that is counter productive to any sustainable UFT message.

Think of Portelos this way. He is blinded by his anger and ego like a raging bull. And as he charges the red cape in all his fury he has failed to see the sword in the Matadors other hand.

Anonymous said...

And Portelos' Solidarity is reputed to have many people that aren't even legit as representatives.
Notice how Victor Jordan is a case in point, as discontinued or retired. Yet,he's being run as Treasurer.