SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Federal Law Being Broken?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Federal Law Being Broken?

When I left the school building on Friday I had this on the tip of my mind thinking it would make a great post. But I forgot about it, what with my other posts and catching up on sleep and doing family stuff. But tonight during a mass family gathering while faking interest in some relative talking to me I remembered it.

There is a 12:1:1 class in my school. Now for the uninitiated this means that twelve students in a class with one teacher and one para. But suddenly after someone went into the vault to look at the students IEP's it was noticed that there should be more than one para in the class. The teacher should have brought this up several weeks ago. Oh yeah, she couldn't. You know why? Yep, that is right. She and other teachers in the school have no access to IEP's of the students in their respective classes. Last I checked these IEP's are federally mandated and there is no wriggle room for interpretation of what an IEP mandates. Unless that is you pressure The Dudes mother to sign something.

Short week this week. Only three days of material for me. Oh well, I will make do.

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