Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Numb Nuts

It is amazing watching Numb Nuts in action. For those of you that are first time readers to the blog Numb Nuts is my pet name for our incompetent beyond belief assistant principal. Saw him doing lunch duty today. Absolutely zero control in there. Not one student takes him seriously at lunch duty and not one student older than 1st grade take him seriously in the school.

"'Splain Lucy." "Ok Ricky."

First he is too easily excitable. He screams all the time. I don't mean talking loud which you tend to need to do during lunch. I mean vein popping screaming all the time. Everything no matter how minor or major has the same decibel level from him. You think the kids take him seriously? No. Do they have respect for him? No! How could they if everything turns him into a shrill nut job?

A few years ago he decided to entice the student's behavior at lunch with positive reinforcement by promising an ice cream party to the classes that behaved the best. Points were to be given and recorded on a poster board for all to see. Sounds good right? Wrong! There was no consistency in the awarding of points. The poster board turned out to be construction paper with a grid made with a Sharpie. When ice cream was finally awarded kids who were not picked complained and whined and whatnot and Numb Nuts folded like a cheap suit and everyone had ice cream.

Second he talks to all students like they are four years old. Hey talk to a four year old that way fine. Talk that way to anyone over seven, well guess what those students think. I mean it is amazing to watch him converse with The Dude. The Dude and his sister are the adults at home and how does Numb Nuts talk to him? Like freakin' Mr Rogers!

Does he not realize where he is, how this students are so adept at picking out a phony. Several years ago there were students hanging out at the Pathmark on 207th St panhandling. Just an aside, the administration knew about this and did nothing. Let's get back on track. These students not only respect and want consistency and discipline, but they can spot a phony a mile away. Numb Nuts is so out of place. He needs to be in Forest Hills, or Riverdale in a school that is just K-1. He has no street cred!

Thirdly the reason this is still going on, the incompetency of Numb Nuts, is that he thinks he knows it all. That he is "BIG MAN AP" and is done evolving as an educator. He is treats every situation the same. Like out of the AP handbook. But you got to think like a Marine. Adapt, improvise and overcome.

Which brings me to my final thought. Again, what qualifies him to be an AP other than that he went to AP school, wrote a check. and had five years in the system? He brings nothing to the table!!

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