Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Bad! Been Busy!

So now that it is Saturday how has the first week of school gone? Well as the old saying goes, the more things change the more it stays the same. Or as I like to say, just more of the same bullshit!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What can go wrong on the first day of school? Not much. Everyone is on their best behavior. Teachers even put on a smile when the see the sociopathic students. In fact we have one at our school which I will tell about later, but even he was a little angel today.

Tuesday, September 3, 2008

Now the proverbial fecal matter is being lined up to throw into the fan. The sociopath who I shall henceforth refer to is "Frank". Frank is psychotic. His mother is useless, the father is God knows where, and the older brother who he worships is in all probability a gang banger. This is Frank's third year in the school, and the first two have been very eventful. Now I won't go into details for fear of giving away Frank's true identity, but let's just say that in every student you can find something good. Frank there is nothing good at all. For some reason ACS has never been called. Frank bullies, hits, and threatens not only children smaller than him, threatens teachers, but generally does not care about anything. And the thing is the boy is bright as hell, but he knows how to manipulate. This boy should be put in a SEIS 7 setting in which there is a small roster and a larger amount of staff.

Now last year he behaved in his homeroom. Know why? He was scared shitless of his teacher. Still was a psycho to the clusters, but his sphincter was tight in the homeroom. Now this year irony of ironies he is not with the same teacher, but in a class with one of the laziest, under qualified, no class room management teachers ever. I shall call her Mrs Ass Kisser, or Mrs AK for short. Mrs AK has no self respect at all. She will fawn all over her principal and do whatever his necessary for herself. She acts as if she actually cares about the students, but she does not. She will not go the extra yard for Administrators unless something is in it for her. Other teachers know not to speak about anything confidentially to or in front of her because she will run like a child to the principal. And now she is stuck with Frank. She is in for a very long year, and she has no support for anyone to help her with Frank. She will never ask for help because by doing so it will show the level of her incompetence. She is doomed and so unfortunately is the rest of her students to Frank's sociopathy.

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