SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: A Thursday Night Rant

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Thursday Night Rant

On September 10th I had mentioned an AP that I know of in a different school that is your usual useless AP. (click here, third paragraph down) I just heard from a colleague of mine that works with him that the grave he has been digging for himself has gotten deeper.

Apparently Dionysus called a teacher a demeaning slur and there is corroborating evidence. This doesn't surprise me. His temper tantrums are famous thought the Bronx. His arguments with his principal, not in private, but in public are legendary. In fact he has had a problem with every female supervisor he has had. Can someone say misogynistic? Last year he called in sick the Tuesday and Wednesday of the week supervisors report in. Guess where he was? Doing his favorite thing. Don't have proof, but his favorite thing was happening at the same time.

So what are his duties as an AP in his school? No one knows. Basically it is to give friends F Status positions, or to come in and do PD, check the stock and real estate markets (I am sure he let one go in his pants the last week), and to berate the principal. Oh, she regrets hiring him. But she is scared of him. Or leave early. Or hide all day.

Just thinking out loud here. How is this allowed to happen? Is this the type of administrator that Jack Welch had in mind? Is this a Children First situation? Who is his patrón?

Now on to my school. Major issues. Screw the contract which is being completely violated, but the students know now there are no repercussions to be had for any and all misbehavior. Not even October and there is chaos.

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