Sunday, September 7, 2008

More of Frank

So Frank is back to his old self. I give it a week, maybe two before he explodes. He is already intimidating students in his class, and now school aides. He knows nothing will be done, wither at home nor at school. Friday a school aide asked him not to focus on what the teacher was doing and instead of piping down, told the school aide that if she talked to him like that one more time he would tell the principal that she told him to "shut up". Smart kid. He knows the game at the age of 10. But soon the administration will let him have the run of the school as they have the last two years. Why upset him and damage his "learning experience"? Don't the other students in his class have a right of freedom to learn, a right of freedom from fear, a right of freedom of security, a right of freedom of knowledge? As FDR had the "Four Freedoms" aren't students in Franks class allowed this? The mother will be called in eventually and she will sit there and say she does not know what to do with him. Guess what mom? No matter how you slice it you are negligent! I see a billboard everyday coming into work, "Neglect is abuse". Maybe it is time to call ACS on her. When a child is seriously injured by Frank, then and only then will the proper measures be taken.

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Anonymous said...

Too many Franks in our system not getting the attention they so desperately need!