SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: 35 Minutes Equals 2,100 Seconds

Thursday, January 15, 2009

35 Minutes Equals 2,100 Seconds

FDNY Paramedics and NYPD paid a visit to the school yesterday. It seems that the Detroit Lions Kids trashed a classroom yesterday and the Dear Principal, John Deacon had him EDP'd (Emotionally Disturbed Person). He was take away in an ambulance to the hospital. I believe St Barnabas. But was it preventable?

The Detroit Lions Kid finished eating lunch at approximately 11:00 AM. After eating he, and selct other students go to the gym ostensibly to work on character building traits with a volunteer organization, City Year. City Year is part of AmericaCorps stuff or whatever. Bunch of kids (under 25) that are doing their liberal part to help.

Problem is there is no character building. Just kids in gym playing games, shooting baskets, jumping rope, etc...I do not believe there is any administrative nor pedagogical supervision and I am not sure if there must be. But at least with the bad weather it is better the students are in the gym than watching a movie for the 1000th time in the auditorium.

Now here comes the interesting part. I was not there, but I have spoken with several sources as to what transpired. When the period ended, which was 11:25 AM, The Detroit Lions Kid now coupled with The Dude, bolted from the gym. The supervising kid from City Year did the next logical step. She notified the supervising assistant principal for that lunch period. Can you guess who it was? YES! It was Numb Nuts! He took the call, and guess what? It became his responsibility! So naturally he took charge of the situation you ask. He looked for the students, notified others, and contacted the safety officer.

FDNY and NYPD showed up at the school around a little after noon. Announcements were being made for the principal to go to the room he was in about 12:00 PM. So even being conservative, I am going to say that that The Detroit Lions Kid was on the lam for thirty-five minutes. That is two thousand one hundred seconds!

  • Two thousand one hundred seconds in which he was unsupervised.
  • Two thousand one hundred seconds in which he could have gotten seriously injured.
  • Two thousand one hundred seconds in which he could have injured someone else.
  • Two thousand one hundred seconds in which he could have exited the school.
  • Two thousand one hundred seconds is more than enough time to do your job correctly!
This a typical example of a complete lack of any responsibility and the way problems are dealt with at my school. Both by the principal, and the AP Numb Nuts. Closing your eyes and hoping the problem goes away does not mean you have dealt with nor solved the problem!

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