SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: First Ever Children First Contest!!! Win Big!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Ever Children First Contest!!! Win Big!!!

The South Bronx School Blog has decided to sponsor a contest. A scenario will be given and the person who answers the question the best according to the crack team will win an all expenses weekend trip to Utica, NY! You will be whisked to Utica directly from the Port Authority Bus Terminal directly (changing buses in Oneonta, Binghamton, and Delhi). Once in Utica you and your guest will be feted with a gift basket for your stay at Red Roof Inn overlooking the Erie Canal. You then can do whatever it is Uticans do. Like watch the snow.

OK, here are the rules to the contest. It must be in essay form, and a minimum of 250 words. Remember, this really happened this week.

Please, in your best writing describe how the following pertains to the "Children First" philosophy of the NYCDOE:

Yesterday, a boy in the second grade was moved from his class to the second grade CTT class that has previously been mentioned in this blog as being out of compliance. For those who forget, this CTT class must have a 60/40 ratio of general ed to special ed. The class as of this past Monday was still 15 special ed. and 6 general ed. Numb Nuts sent a letter to this boy's mother stating, rather than asking, that this boy will be moved on January 7. The reason Numb Nuts gave was he thought the boy would do better in a CTT class. Doesn't matter that he has one of the best g** damned teachers in the school. Doesn't matter that all he might need is SETTS. He is at a G reading level, he should be at a J. Easily overcome. Oh I forgot. Another kid was moved from a different class to the CTT class. The former teacher was just asked, "which kid would you like to be rid of?" So back to this young man. He spent all day yesterday and today crying for his teacher. Through his sobs he was saying, "I miss my teacher, I love my teacher." Seven years old and this is what they do? Might as well snatched him from his mother! The reasoning is if they keep the fifteen special ed. kids in the CTT class all they have to do is fill it up with general ed. kids until they are in compliance. Makes sense, right?

This is so wrong! So anyway, get busy. Only one reply per household. You can post your response publicly or email it to me. I know many are salivating at prospect of spending a weekend in Utica. So get busy!


Pete Zucker said...

Oh I forgot to add, contest ends January 26th, so get those entries in!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe they can manipulate our children's education like this for their own self-serving reasons! Unbelievable. Don't think you'll be getting many essays! (And not because the prize is a trip to Utica!)