SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Captain!! We Have a Breach!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Captain!! We Have a Breach!

I believe test security has been breached.

Last week were the 3rd-5th grade state ELA exams.

A handout went home stating that students were allowed to bring in candy, gum, sucking candy to have on their desks to keep them calm. I have a copy of this handout. The handout is signed by the principal. How is this a breach of test security?

Is it not plausible that certain test taking techniques, answers, etc... could be written on or inside wrappers of the candies? This can cause a skew of the test scores. The last I checked, and I have proctored many a test is that all that should be on a students desk is the test booklet and and No. 2 pencil.


Anonymous said...

How can we email you directly? Please send us an email to


proofoflife said...

ARE YOU FOR REAL??? You can give a kid a dictionary, thesaurus and the answers and I bet many will still get the answers incorrect. Who CARES??????? You should seek professional help!

proofoflife said...

I am sorry maybe I jumped the gun. After reading your posts I can see why you may be losing it a bit. You do seem like you are very concerned about your students. Do you have a Chapter Leader in the building? If not have you notified the DR? I emailed the mayor and got a response. Once again, so sorry for my above comment. Don't give up!

Pete Zucker said...

Don't worry. Things are being done. Email me, we can talk.