SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Is The Coverup Worse Than The Crime?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Is The Coverup Worse Than The Crime?

I just heard something fascinating this evening. It occurred today at my school in which learning and children always come first.

If we can just travel back in time January 5 when I wrote that I had filed an allegation of corporal punishment against the dear assistant principal, Numb Nuts. To refresh those who did not click on the link, Numb Nuts grabbed a boy's arm, pulled him, and when the mother came in to complain directly to him, exalted, "I don't see any marks." Today it came to a head.

Before I continue I must stress my sources are reliable, and I got this information from three different people. If I am wrong, or my sources wrong I will immediately retract and issue an apology.

Investigators from OSI(Office of Special Investigations) came into the school today to meet with the boys parents, and principal John Deacon. I do not know if Numb Nuts was there. In this meeting the investigators pressured and cajoled the boys parents to sign a waiver that Numb Nuts did not inflict corporal punishment. That he was in fact breaking up a fight. They told the parents that if they did not sign the waiver that Numb Nuts would be in danger of losing his job.

If Numb Nuts was breaking up a fight, fine. But the brain dead administrator that he is should know, since he is as he claims an expert at discipline, how to break up a fight. Simple. Just get your body between the two students, keep your arms out to block them and you should be fine. Honestly though, you should call school safety.

But here is what rubs me the wrong way. Was there a true investigation? If these charges were unfounded fine. But why not let the process play out? If it was no big deal why did the parents get such a snarky answer from Numb Nuts? But the bigger question is: will teachers in my school now be afforded the same courtesy from OSI when accused of corporal punishment? Hey we can all lose our jobs if we commit corporal punishment. Will OSI investigators go out of their way to protect teachers jobs into having any and all parents sign a waiver?

Is this a cover-up?


Anonymous said...

You seem sharp enough, but a reminder is always in order...

When you or any other teacher speak to an OSI investigator, make certain you have union representation with you at the time... let the Chapter Leader call the Bronx Office (or the DR) and find out exactly who should be there...

These creeps can turn and change the target of the investigation. Teachers should always be careful.


ed notes online said...

I agree. Be careful out there. Very careful.

One teacher sent me this:

At the risk of telling you what you already know, SCI and ALL the so-called "Investigatory" agencies in NY are all in bed together with the DOE and the Mayors Office.  They are ALL joined at the hip and share info with one another re those they have decided are "trouble makers."
The minute any agency puts a target on someone's back all the other agencies do the same.  The person immediately becomes  a Dead Man Walking and doomed for life.

Half the work that Condon's SCI office does is use the info they get from Whistle-blowers to later set them up and stab them in the back as they did to me.  Condon's office could not be more crooked if it were twisted into a dozen pretzels.

There is literally nothing they will not do to destroy a person who challenges the system and/or their power.
The chief point is that SCI though it pretends to monitor corruption, in actuality monitors and assists in destroying the people (like me) who try to expose the rampant corruption.
The teacher who goes to SCI is in effect signing his/her own Death Warrant.
Same thing if a teacher goes to the District Attorneys Office.

Warn that teacher to beware that once the UFT has used him for their own purposes and his 15 minutes of Fame has passed away the system will try to bury his ass.

Anonymous said...


Corporal punishment.

Request NYC DOE do this.