SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Keep The People Happy

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Keep The People Happy

This past Friday, January 23, approximately thirty parents and the PA had gathered in the hope of getting an audience with grand exalted mystic John Deacon. The parents were in a quite perturbed mood. They wished to discuss with John Deacon the lack of access John Deacon affords the parents, the rescinding of the traditional senior (5th grade) trip, and the curious denial of the traditional caps and gowns, which students pay themselves, for graduation. John Deacon was expected to meet with the parents. The meeting was to take place at 9 30 AM.

John Deacon never showed. Didn't send word to postpone, just blew the parents off. Didn't even have the decency to send and lackey emissary. There was no "emergency" or any urgent business in the school at that time. The parents room where the meeting was scheduled to take place is just down the hall, three doors from the office. Even a cursory meeting could have placated these parents. Now instead of having the all important parent constituency on John Deacon's side, John Deacon now has a thirty parents ticked off at John Deacon and these thirty will tell another thirty parents and so on and so on.

But this has been the standard operating procedure of John Deacon. Avoid at all costs any conflict, any responsibility and send someone else to take the heat. Or worse. Someone to be the fall guy. John Deacon thinks its hands are clean.

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