Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hi, Numb Nuts

If a student is capable of hitting a teacher on the head with a lunch box, this being a second incident of striking a teacher, is he not capable of being violent with other students? Should this child be around other students, especially when he gets suspended?

On Monday, January 8, a student was sent from another school ostensibly to serve his second superintendents suspension in our phantom SAVE room. This has been the second time this student has had a superintendent's suspension and reported to our school's phantom SAVE room. But fortunately complications did incur this time.

Numb Nuts acted as his guide bring him first to a 12:1:1 class of 3rd graders. In fact a testing grade in which the students are prepping for the ELA exam next week. The teacher refused to accept him into the class so Numb Nuts sought another class.

Numb Nuts then brought him to my favorite class, The 2nd grade CTT class. He told the teachers of that class that the principal, John Deacon, gave orders that this young man be put in the class. When reminded by one of the teachers that this is against the law Numb Nuts blabbered, "That students who are suspended from school can be placed in classes in a different school." I give credit to Numb Nuts on one thing. He follows orders and parrots the party line very well. But more on that in a bit.

After about ten minutes the teacher was able to get hold of John Deacon in its office. John Deacon peed, and had the boy removed. But not to another class, but to spend the day with The Body. Yesterday too. Also some time with Mrs Met. So this young man will probably recieve zero instruction this week, and if he is at the school next week, zero again.

Now back to Numb Nuts. I was thinking today that he really does follow directions, orders, whatever to the letter. Same with the party line. He is loyal, he kisses ass like no one I have ever seen in my life. His posture is perfect. He is thin. He's neat. Oh and he is incompetent. It got me to thinking long and hard.

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