Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eva Is Hiring

Wow! Has it been over a week since the last posting? Sorry. Read Whitney (Why Did My Parents Give Me A Girl's Name) Whitney's latest email and got inspired.

He was lamenting or gleeful about the worse hiring situation for teachers since God knows when when he blurbed the article from the Times which showed that Her Wonderfulness, Eva Moskowitz is hiring in droves.
In New York, where the Success Charter Network is hiring 135 teachers for its seven schools in Harlem and the Bronx, some of the 8,453 applicants have called the office three times a day to check on their status. Veteran teachers have also offered to work as assistant teachers.
Everything is so wonderful with Eva. Always the opposite of reality. That is because Eva has a special method of weeding out unwanted applicants for her "Success" Academies.

SBSB was able to get a hidden camera into Eva's selection process. It is shown here for the first time ever.

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