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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have A 2112 Summer

And now for something completely different.

What are you doing this summer? If your answer is "I don't know," or "nothing" I suggest you make this a Rush summer. Rush as in the band, not the big, fat, addict fathead.

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart are now in their 36th year of Rush. I can't believe it my self. I saw Rush for the first time during their Exit...Stage Left tour at the Meadowlands in 1981. I was hooked then and still hooked now.

Since their Presto tour in 1990 I have seen them every tour and a minimum of at least 2X per tour. In 2007 during their Snakes and Arrows tour I saw them in Mohegan Sun, PNC Arts Center, and Columbus OH, in which I had second row seats right in front of Alex. But the best summer of Rush for me was 2004 during their R30 (30th anniversary) tour. I saw them at Jones Beach, then a week later I had second row at Radio City. In fact in the bootleg version of that show you can see me pumping my arms at the end of Working Man, and see Alex Lifeson bending down and giving my friend his pick. But that year I made a pilgrimage. As Catholics wish to visit the Vatican, Jews Israel and Muslims Mecca, every Rush fan must see the boys in their hometown of Toronto. Five days after seeing them at Radio City I was in TO seeing Rush.

Area dates for Rush include, Mohegan Sun July 19th, SPAC July 23, Jones Beach July 24, and the PNC Arts Center September 3. The tour is entitles, The Time Machine Tour," and will include Moving Pictures played in its entirety. Check out the Rush website for other dates.

But there is more. A Rush documentary, "Beyond The Lighted Stage," will be released in theaters this summer. Did you know that Rush is third, behind the Beatles and The Stones for most consecutive gold or platinum albums ever? Here is the trailer for the movie.

And my favorite Rush song of all time......

And of course, God playing the drums.....


Anonymous said...


I watched the videos you posted and I just don't get it...



Blessings on you Lover of Rush

I admire your passion for the things you love.

I admire your Heart, Heart, Heart.

I admire your volcanic energy.

I admire the fact that no one can crush your unquenchable Spirit.

Unlike that pitiful, sniveling, cadaverous, wrinkled little carcass of what once was a human being, that creeps and slinks between 565 Park Ave and 52 Chambers Street each day- you Lover of Rush are the Real thing.

You do not need a title as does the Mealy Mouthed One.

You do not require a black limousine paid for by the sweat of NYC taxpayers who actually work for a living.

Your army does not consist of thousands of groveling lackeys, lieing lapdogs and pathetic sychophants ready to lick all brown colored matter off the soles of your shoes.

Your Pen is your army.

Truth is your shield.

Your passion is your power.

It is my great Honor you have supported my cause along with so many other people who also possess Heart and Guts and True Grit.

In an Age of styrophome people and plastic mannequins we readers of South Bronx School know and will always remember- you were the Real Thing.

Rush and Lovers of Rush all alike have Heart.

Something that cadaverous carcass would not understand if it hit him on the head.

Enjoy the rush of listening to Rush. Their music will be around long after the people you write about are long forgotten.