SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Will Whitney Tilson Be Assemblyman Sam Hoyt's Lollipop?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Will Whitney Tilson Be Assemblyman Sam Hoyt's Lollipop?

I have said it before and I will say it again. Whitney Tilson just makes it too easy. There is no challenge anymore in exposing what an idiot he is.

Whitney now has a man crush on Assemblyman Sam Hoyt (D) Buffalo. The reason for this man crush is that Hoyt is co-sponsoring legislation in the Assembly to lift the charter cap and all the other little stuff for RTtT monies. Whitney writes:
The charter bill is going to be a heavy lift in the NY Assembly, however, which makes Sam Hoyt, an Assemblyman from Buffalo, so important. Sam has been almost alone in the Assembly in fighting for kids, and faces a tough reelection fight from a union-backed candidate, so I hope you’ll come to a fundraiser hosted by Mayor Bloomberg next Wed., May 12th from 4-6pm at the Harvard Club...Sam hosted me when I visited Buffalo last September and we visited a couple of charter schools...One of the most important thing DFER does is support particular candidates who have shown great courage on this issue, and no-one fits this description better than NYS Assemblyman Sam Hoyt of Buffalo.
That's sweet. But Whitney, you should choose your friends more carefully don't you think?

Seems Assemblyman Sam Hoyt has an issue with keeping something of his in his pants with female interns other than his wife. Now the crack team here that investigated Sam Hoyt is not looking down its nose at his adultery. That is a personal matter for Sam and Mrs Hoyt. What the crack team has a problem with is Assemblyman Hoyt, a man in his mid forties, using his position of power and authority to have dalliances with a young female intern. Shame on you Assemblyman Hoyt. Please read about this here.

But some of the best was reported by the NY Post in which Assemblyman Hoyt longed to be the interns "lollipop." In an email entitled, "what i wish," the Democratic assemblyman's list included: ". . . that i could be painting your toenails right now . . . that i could see you do that little cheerleader move . . . that i could be your human lollipop . . . that i could take a shower in your shower with all that girly stuff."

Hoyt responded that, "No rules were broken. No laws were broken. I broke my marriage vows," he declared. Then why is it that Assemblyman Hoyt is no longer allowed to have college interns?

We here at SBSB not only condone, but to a certain extent promote a healthy kinky life. As Ann Landers once said "what two adults do in their own time is their business." What we here at SBSB do have a problem with is an member of the New York State Assembly misusing his position to seduce and fraternize with an intern.

One more thing. We also have a problem with Mayor for Life Bloomberg hosting and promoting a $1K fundraiser this Wednesday, May 12 at the Harvard Club for Assemblyman Sam Hoyt.

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Ms. Havisham said...

I think the above poster should read, "..... schlong, codependent and contagious greedership".