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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Pakter Transcript

Read on......transcipt of Pakter's recording at the end.

Breaking News: For Immediate Release

You watched "Law and Order" and

learned about the Rubber Rooms that

David Pakter was kept in for years.

Now read a REAL Rubber Room story in

which Truth trumps any Fiction

Reporters, Journalists, Bloggers:

Please Post and cover this story

Public Schools Systems in New York City and nationwide are in peril.

There is a big reason the NYC Dept of Education is fighting tooth and nail to not allow a tape of the attached Verbatim Transcript to be played at the

Open to the Public

State Teacher Trial of Whistle-blower, David Pakter.

The NYC DOE has brought one "Witness" after another, against David Pakter, who have committed knowing Perjury.

Pakter fought to protect the Constitutional Rights of the City's more than 1,000,000 school children.

Key witnesses for the DOE told one story.

But the attached verbatim transcript of the Tape the DOE does not want you to hear tells a very different story.

You can read it all in 15 minutes but

you will never forget this conversation,

between a Teacher and a Principal.

After all the grotesque and obscene

Lies, the Libels, the Smears, the Dirty tricks,


There is the Truth.


Today, May 25, is David Pakter's Birthday.

The best gift anyone can give him is to

READ the attached Verbatim Transcript Evidence

that the NYC Dept of Education maintains

they can stop the Public from hearing.

If they are right--

then I was never born and

the world is flat,

Charter Schools are Non Profit Charities


Justice for Teachers in America is no more.

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