SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Every Picture Tells A Story Don't It?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Every Picture Tells A Story Don't It?

In light of today's cave in by Mike Mulgrew I thought it would be appropriate to re-run a favorite photo. Sums everything up so nice and neatly.


Anonymous said...

Teaching in NYC is done.

Anonymous said...

Great pic!
This is an excellent depiction of how Mulgrew; the SOB, sold us out to Chancellor Slime and Bloomturd.
No wonder Weingarten picked him to succeed her, he grandstands for union members, and makes deals behind our backs, the RAT!

Anonymous said...

And to think that I watched him on NY1 the other night and thought that maybe I could believe in him after all (a 9%-er who voted ICE).

Obviously, I was wrong. Unfortunately Primadonna is right. Time to have a serious chat with my husband about me making a career change.

Re the pic, though, it's just not the same without Twitney in there. I bet he's the kind of dude who likes to watch.

Anonymous said...

Disgusing. I suggest you take that photo down before you get sued.

Ms. Liftandseparate said...

I'm laughing hysterically right now!! Why have a sense of decency? Why not point out the pimps running the brothel? They are above it all, including the laws and any and all court decisions. So again, why the f--k not???!! Thank you for today's uplifting moment, SBSB

Pete Zucker said...

To anonymous #3-


Anonymous said...

Anon #3

What is 'disgusing' anyway?

VEGA said...

As a fellow 9% who had a tinge of hope based on Mulgrew's tough talk. Now I realize he is is just Randi in drag. I have seen billboards just as offensive - at least this one is true.