SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Little Philip Oliveri Is Not The Fonz

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Philip Oliveri Is Not The Fonz

If you recall this blog exposed Little Philip Oliveri's Friendster page back in July. For those who have forgotten, Little Philip Oliveri is the prosecuting attorney in David Pakter's 3020a hearing. Now, one would assume that after the revelation of Little Philip's misogynistic, porn friendly Friendster page he would have mellowed out his Internet footprint. Not to be.

As you can see here (click to enlarge) Little Philip's Facebook page;

Little Philip still doesn't understand how the Internet works, or worse, how a representative of the bar should present himself.

It seems that either Little Philip does not take the law seriously, he takes himself too seriously, or has extremely low self esteem. Seems he wants to be Fonzie in this photo, but turns out to be a wannabe like Squiggy.

Little Philip, don't you think it is time you grew up?


Anonymous said...

His Facebook page is pretty tame!

What would be interesting, though, is if some of his Facebook friends include people such as Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks!

Anonymous said...

You seem to know Philip so well....

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly, Facebook and all like online profiles are supposed to be ridiculous. Has nothing to do with his work. He's actually a great attorney and an awesome person. Had a psychobitch girlfriend named Gina Martinez, wouldn't be surprised if she's behind this blog post lol.

Anonymous said...

Talk about psychobitch...he use to work with someone at DOE named Marisol Vazquez who actually stalked him. I think she still works at the DOE, just not with him anymore lol.