SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Joe Klein Of Time Exposes Himself

Monday, June 21, 2010

Joe Klein Of Time Exposes Himself

I really don't want to write this post. But I must. Joe Klein from Time magazine is, for lack of a better word, a dick. I feel bad for saying this. He played tennis with my dad for about a year or so. Was in the same group at some indoor club in Mamaroneck. I called him back in February or so after he had written this article. I gave him my dad's name and sadly he claimed not to recall my dad, but worse, he was a complete dick.

So just last week Klein decides to add his two cents in regard to teacher layoffs. And as usual with is sort, he is wrong and refuses to fact check. Just recall how I exposed Rich Lowry's lack of facts last week.

But one thing really boils my coffee in Klein's column. It is this sentence, "First, the unions should forego their raises for the next few years--Michael Bloomberg has already negotiated this sort of deal in New York." Excuse me? He negotiated this sort of deal? By saying negotiated Klein is giving the assumption that it is has been agreed upon. It is past tense. It has not been negotiated. Bloomberg has proposed this, but at no time has it been agreed upon. Why would Klein write such an out and out lie? I mean unless he was directed to.

Klein goes on to say that teachers should be laid off on merit, even going as far to say, "Older teachers are often priceless mentors, the glue that holds a school together--but they are, just as often, burnt out cases." Thanks burned out. Where do you get your facts from Joel Klein? But he saves is best for the younger teachers, "but the best of them bring energy and innovation to their work--and the need to prove themselves (a necessary requirement that tenure strips from older teachers)." Yeah, I once was a sycophantic young teacher. But I am not anymore. Mainly because I am smarter than almost every principal I have had, and for sure smarter than every AP I have come in contact with.

But the funniest thing he wrote was, "Yes, if teachers were sorted out by merit, decisions would sometimes be made on the basis of cronyism and sometimes creative troublemakers would be weeded out." Duh! Do you really think so? Sometimes? Try all the time. Those with suckling on the sphincter of their principal will be safe all the time. Those who are wonderful teachers and show independence will always be rid of.

So sad Joe. My dad really spoke highly of you. You are just a hack. Now please, crawl back into Michael Bloomberg's colon from whence you came.

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