SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Rush Is The Greatest Band Ever

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rush Is The Greatest Band Ever

Just got back from seeing the Rush documentary, "Beyond The Lighted Stage," at the Clearview Chelsea on 23rd St. For those who are interested, it runs there through Saturday night.

If you are a Rush fan you will love it. If you aren't you will learn more about Rush and finally come to appreciate Rush. It covers Rush very thoroughly through Moving Pictures, touches on their keyboard phase and does an excellent job at their rebirth after the tragedies in Neil Peart's life.

Gene Simmons of Kiss gives the best answer as to what Rush is by just saying, "What kind of band is Rush.....It'sRush." Seeing Geddy Lee's bar mitzvah photos and how he pursued music to escape a world of death (Both his parent's were Holocaust survivors and his father dies when he was 12) juxtaposed with Alex Lifeson's almost similar life story, parents fled Yugoslavia to Canada at the end of the war, both went to the same middle school was great.

What one actually gets out of this is that Rush did it their way, without any interference from the record companies. 2112 being such a success is what got them this kind of cred. This is how they wanted to do it, and always have, and always will. Conformity sucks. There are wonderful lessons to be taught through Rush.

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