SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Mistress Eva And Slave Rich Lowry

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mistress Eva And Slave Rich Lowry

Richard Lowry of the National Review wrote a column in today's Post decrying the the union contracts of teachers, custodians, and principals.

I wrote this letter to him:
Some of your comments in your column in today's Post were not only specious but disingenuous.

Your comment that "the union approves all the arbitrators" is an out and out lie. The UFT and the DOE jointly choose the arbitrators and BOTH have fired arbitrators. In fact NY State education law provides for three arbitrators in incompetence cases, but only in NYC is there one. This has been collectively bargained.

As far as custodians not being required to change the ballast this can, should, and must be done by someone with either electrical training or having an electrician's license.

Your claim that custodians are not required to paint a wall over ten feet leaves out facts again. The painters union made sure that clause is there. Why? Because they want to make money off the DOE.
I suggest you desist being Eva Moskowitz's mouthpiece and not rely on her or her ilk for facts

Again, another deformer or supporter of deformers has it all wrong and refuses to do any rudimentary fact checking.

One more thing that irks me about what Lowry wrote, "For Moskowitz, it’s the result of “high behavioral and high academic expectations.” For her critics, it’s another reason to hate her"

Yes, Rich. Only Eva cares about the children. Only Eva has high expectations. Only Eva cares about Eva. And Rich, I think you let the little head do the thinking for the big head. I mean, this is not the first time you got all ga-ga over a high powered woman, with a big mouth, that is good at self promotion, and that is all style and no substance. What was that you said in October 2008 about Sarah Palin? Hmmmmm.......
"I'm sure I'm not the only male in America who, when Palin dropped her first wink, sat up a little straighter on the couch and said, 'Hey, I think she just winked at me.' And her smile. By the end, when she clearly knew she was doing well, it was so sparkling it was almost mesmerizing. It sent little starbursts through the screen and ricocheting around the living rooms of America."
Hey Rich, I am sure more than one thing sat up a little straighter. Much as I am sure it does for Eva.


Anonymous said...

Um, how is producing smarter kids in low income neighborhoods bad? Unions are awful. why in the world should TEACHERS be unionized? Theyre not exploited! They can go elsewhere but they want to be able to work and stink!

Anonymous said...

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