SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Princess Sydney And Little Evan News

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Princess Sydney And Little Evan News

This just in to the SBSB newsroom regarding Princess Sydney Morris and Little Evan Stone.....

News flash! Princess Sydney and Little Evan are leaving teaching. Good riddance!!!!!! He is going to Law school and she is leaving to work on her website full time. Unfortunately, we haven't heard the last from them yet. Rumor is she wants to go into politics.

Does this mean no more man-boy vacations for Little Evan?

Remember, do share and feel free to, any information on these two.


Chaz said...

Is this true or just wishful thinking?

NYC Educator said...

What Chaz said.

Esteban Rodriguez said...

Queens teacher had something on her blog about people being paid to run for office on the. pro charter platform.

Any chance this can be related?

Pete Zucker said...

This is the information I received.