SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Leonie Haimson Is Hot

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Leonie Haimson Is Hot

I once claimed Patrick Sullivan as the hottest man in the DOE. And he still is. But we now have a champion as the hottest woman involved in education. That goes to Leonie Haimson.

I don't read her blog as often as I should, but something written about The Extended Day today has finally kicked me in the head to share my two cents about Extended Day.

It is the ultimate waste of time. Thirty seven and a half minutes of waste. Why? Let's say your school dismisses at 2 50 PM. You have to take your entire class with you for dismissal. Dismiss the students and wait for the parents. We are now up to say, 2 55 PM. Gather up the students who stay, take them to the cafeteria (if applicable) to get their snacks. This can be about 3 PM. Of course depending upon the size of the school and the location of the cafeteria. By the time (dependent on size of school. See, size does matter!) the students are back in the classroom it will be about 3 05 PM, maybe 3 08PM. The kids eat their snacks, which will bring us to about 3 15 PM. Instruction starts at 3 16 PM. This leaves on 11.5 minutes left. Now in the warm weather in which there are know coats to zip, gloves and hats to apply instruction can last until 3 23 PM, giving four minutes, wait, four minutes and thirty seconds to get the students dismissed. If it is winter then the students start getting packed up at 3 20 PM.

So where is the instruction? None. It is all a sham. But someone must benefit from this. Maybe it is Voyager Expanded Learning in which Sen. Mary Landrieu and Whitney Tilson have a hand in? Or any of the numerous vendors, publishers, etc... that suckle mightily on the teet of the DOE?

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