SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Very Interesting Look At Corporal Punishment

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Very Interesting Look At Corporal Punishment

Ever done something voyeuristic? I have. It's neat. In fact the biggest thrill is voyeuring in on the world of the DOE.

I came across a corporal punishment report concerning an administrator. The report is several years old but what really struck me is how the system is rigged. But first some background.

This administrator, who shall remain nameless, was accused by a pedagogue of several acts of corporal punishment within a week of one another. The investigation was bounced from OSI to the principal. All was in the principal's hands. Both students were picked up by the shirts and dragged a good distance and slammed into seats.

The first thing that I noticed that in the worksheet the principal fills out there is a section to describe the student. Both students, third graders, were painted as troublemakers, difficult, anti-authority, etc...

I read the interviews of the students by the principal. In both interviews the students corroborated the account of the pedagogue that had reported each incident.

The statement by the administrator was two sentences denying the facts, and not having any recall. Funny how when the tide is turned an administrator shuts up. But this administrator also hid behind the CSA rep as well. Having CSA advise. But they hate when we want procedure followed, assert our rights, and want the UFT there in the same instances.

So basically it all boiled down to the word of the students and the pedagogue with the same stories vs. the administrator who feigned ignorance. Anyone care to guess the outcome?

The charges were unfounded. Believe that? What a waste of time and effort. I still don't get this thinking of putting administrators as deities. If Tweed wants to run the schools as a business run it as a true business and make the MANAGERS accountable. Name one other business in which a manager is a botard and keeps their job. Of course not counting Dunder Mifflin. Would McDonald's tolerate ineptitude from its managers? In fact would McDonald's hire someone to rum a store that has had no experience at all?

It is a sad day when we see that McDonald's is smarter than the DOE.

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Princess said...

This is nothing new. Only difference being that now administrators, even incompetent ones, are completely and undeniably protected.

Pedophiles have a new profession they can pursue.