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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Throwing Spaghetti Against The Wall

Found a very interesting link last night. I googled some key words and came across something in Lexis-Nexis. The NYS bible for teacher discipline, "Disciplining Tenured Teachers and Administrators."

The crack team team here at SBSB was able to finagle a copy of this book without spending the $60 a mere mortal would have spent. After running the book through the lab, calling in experts from around the country, one very, tiny, interesting morsel of information arose.

In the opening FAQ this is posited:

1:5.Who may file 3020-a charges?
Any individual may file disciplinary charges against a tenured teacher or administrator.

Yes, there you have it. Right there in plain old English. ANY INDIVIDUAL MAY FILE DISCIPLINARY CHARGES.

What does this mean? It can mean open season on any evil, incompetent, nasty, spiteful administrator that one deems fit to have charges filed against. You reading this Mulgrew? Just do like they do. Treat the charges like spaghetti. If it sticks, it sticks. So be it.

Come on Mulgrew, show some balls. Put this in the UFT paper. What's that you say? Bloomberg and Klein might get mad. They are already mad. They already hate us.

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Re: Throwing Spaghetti........

Has anyone ever noticed how often certain terms are used by NYC DOE flunkys, sycophants,clueless stooge "administrators" and other assorted Joel Klein lackeys.

There is no other profession on Earth where the terms "discipline" and "appropriate" and/or "appropriate behavior" are used ad nausea. And not used, as one might expect, with reference to school children, so much as in reference to those people who teach the children in our Public Schools in New York City.

Read any so-called "Observation Report" created to help build a case for rating a Teacher, "Unsatisfactory" for the year, and you will see what I mean.

Or how about those endless, self repeating diatribes penned by some pathetic DOE lackey to bring a Teacher up on "Official" charges known as a Teacher's "SPECIFICATIONS" prepared for the Teacher's NY State 3020-a Teacher Hearings/Trial.

Almost as if sprinkling salt over a Jumbo movie theatre sized order of buttered Pop Corn, the words "appropriate" and "discipline" and other such related terms, intended to criticize, demean, denigrate and otherwise "tear down" a teacher, are employed in gloriously ample profusion.

Imagine stating in the performance review of a New York City Fireman:

"Your grimacing as you struggled to keep the 85 pound heavy duty fire hose directed at the main source of the fire was inappropriate- especially when considering that there were children in close proximity who might be puzzled and/or even frightened by your inappropriate behavior".

Or how about an observation report drafted by a Police Precinct Commander that ended with the comments: "Your inappropriate reaction when your immediate "supervisor" ordered you to accept a third year of night shift duty, 12 AM to 8 AM, was inappropriate and may lead to further discipline with the possibility of an "Unsatisfactory" Rating for the year and permanent Termination.

Only Teachers are forced to put up with the indignities, childishly worded letters of criticism from burnt out and often sadistic "supervisors" and other such "slings and arrows" that arise in a system that follows the top-down model.

A system in which advancement is directly dependant and predicated on becoming a "Yes" man, a toady, a subservient lackey, a person who will not hesitate to fabricate, lie and encourage false "witness testimony" to destroy the career of whomsoever the system orders one to destroy.

But what is truly "inappropriate" is for people to "buy" Elections, and then appoint as a school's Chief an entirely incompetent "Legend in his own Mind", Educationally uncredentialed, and Ethically challenged, former Federal Prosecutor as schools Chancellor so that he could wreck the lives of more than one million inner city, at risk children and visit Hell and Havoc on the lives of one hundred thousand men and women who had dedicated their entire lives to teaching New York City's children in over-crowded and under funded classrooms.

Joel Klein Esq. will eventually be relegated and consigned to the scrap heap of history as MUST be the Fate of all incompetent fools and charlatans who step into places and situations where they so clearly do not belong.

Sooner or later ordinary people finally wake up, come to their senses and understand and recognize when the "Emperor has no clothes".

But how much damage, how much harm must be visited on the lives of innocent children and their teachers before the great awakening arrives and the citizens exclaim:

"Was blind- But now I see".