SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Going Pee Pee Can Be Bad For You

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Going Pee Pee Can Be Bad For You

Sit down. Please. You will laugh so hard at what I am about to share. This shows how incompetence, and some physical shortcoming puts a teachers career in jeopardy.

A male teacher, the Big O, needed to go pee pee. It was during his prep. His own time. No students. As he was walking towards the men's room Numb Nuts came up and asked to see his lesson plans. Being that he was about to go pee pee for some odd reason his lesson plan book was absent from his person. Perhaps if he was going doo doo he would have had his plan book as to be able to read something in the process. You figure that anyone with any sense would say, "I understand you are going pee pee, when you are finished will you please bring your plan book to my office." A person that has had a lobotomy would be able to have the critical thinking skills to figure this one out.

All those except Numb Nuts. He needs to prove that he does not have any physical shortcomings or perhaps to validate his own useless, inane, waste of taking up space, wrote up the Big O. The botard put a letter in his file. Is this what Numb Nuts does so he can feel important? To justify the idiot that he knows he is. This is an AP that drags kids through the hall, that in January 2007 after being on the job less than three weeks beat the shit out of three students within one weeks time and the principal knew and LIS knew and no one did a damn thing. I swear Numb Nuts must have a rabbi somewhere in the DOE.

I have a solution to all this. Pull the letter from the Big O's file, and hire a piss boy. Yeah, a piss boy. Remember in the Mel Brooks movie "History of the World Part I"? You hire someone to walk around with a bucket of piss and let the male teachers relieve themselves in it whenever the feel the urge. Where does the money come from you ask? Oh John Deacon will find the money. Perhaps one of the three assistant principals we have in a school of five hundred can be eliminated, or the three F status cronies that were just hired, or the "administrative teacher" who is actually the attendance teacher and slotted in on the budget as something else, to hide the position (can anyone say misappropriation of funds?) can be eliminated.

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Shit, as bad as the turd that was principal made my school, yours is a bigger shithole!!!!Fucking unbelievable. I am in the rubber room and I do my job and I do it well and here you have in this 5th world known as da Bronx physical assualts by staff members on kids and vice versa!

I hope they keep me in the rubber room til I retire! I don't ever want to go da Bronx and "teach".